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Independent consultant proposes

  1. For companies and organizations operating in Asia to assist, organize and operate international projects where cultural

  2. differences and misunderstandings require a multicultural approach combined with thorough international business and project management expertise.

  3. When activities are hindered or blocked due to misunderstandings and miscommunications as a result of multicultural differences, I offer to facilitate and reconcile between parties, enabling efficient and effective project completion.

Key objectives with multicultural approach

  1. __ Investigate and operate locally in international projects.

  2. __ Connect companies and organizations to enhance mutual understanding.

  3. __ Build bridges in multicultural differences.

  4. __ Resolve misunderstandings and conflict issues.

  5. __ Facilitate exchanges, cross boundaries and explore new opportunities between parties.

  6. __ Build and restore successful relations.

  7. __ Enable successful project completion.

With expertise in ...