1. BulletProjects with US Fortune Top100 Company, major player in third party contract logistics

  1. __ Set up and management of transportation and distribution channels and networks in Europe, Middle East/Africa (EMEA) region.

  2. __ Including for spare parts business of clients in automotive, heavy equipment and high tech industries; including start up of direct distribution programs from European master warehouse to in-country dealerships.

  3. __ Purchasing and contract management with express couriers, air, sea and truck freight. Customer service, service level performance, and account management.

  4. __ Localization and distribution studies for regional distribution centers in EMEA and in Asia Pacific.

  5. BulletProjects with European contractor in dredging, marine and environmental works

  6. __ Project engineering and contract management in Belgium, France, and Germany.

  7. __ Set up and management of representative office in Vietnam. Award for foreign contractor's licenses and start up logistics support for a dredging project in Vietnam. Business plan and licensing for 100 % Foreign Invested Enterprise (FIE) in Vietnam.

  8. __ Marketing and prospection in Asia (Vietnam, Japan, Cambodia) and Europe (France, Germany, Scandinavia, Poland, and Baltics), a.o. relations with local authorities and companies, international funding agencies (Worldbank, ADB, UNDP, ...), international clients, contractors, consultants and engineering companies.

  9. __ Pre-qualifications and tenders, including budgeting and proposals, for projects in dredging, marine engineering and environmental works for private companies, public authorities and international funded organizations in Asia and in Europe.

  10. __ Business plan analysis for acquisition of 2 companies in France.

  1. BulletSales and account management for IT consultancy company in Belgium

  2. __ Account and contract management for IT maintenance services, project implementation services and software licenses in Belgium. Acquisition of major contract and several new clients, realization of shift of focus from ERP to CRM practice.

  3. __ Investment in and successful exit from IT consultancy company in Belgium.

  4. BulletProjects with European high tech manufacturer in display systems

  5. __ Area sales management and marketing in Asia, Australia and Indian Continent, in Spain and Portugal in display systems in ATC (Air Traffic Control) and VTCS (Vessel Traffic Control Systems). Sales and commercial-technical support through different channels of end customers, integrators, agents and local offices.

  6. __ Set up of agency and distributor network, public tenders and negotiations of contracts in Asia and Europe with government agencies and private companies.

  7. BulletResearch, exhibitions and book publication “CARAVANSERAI - Traces, Places, Dialogue in the Middle East”

  8. __ Travel, photography and documentary research in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Central Asia, China and Pakistan.

  9. __ Website on Caravanserai in the Middle East and Central Asia, as a metaphor for a successful platform of international exchange and communication between Western and Muslim world today.  See :

  10. __ Exhibitions in Portland, OR, USA in galleries OGLE and SPRINGBOX, in Paris, France at Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris-Val de Seine (ENSA-PVS) and in Lebanon under patronage of Embassy of Belgium.

  11. __ Book published by 5 Continents Editions (Milan) in September and October 2012 (French / English editions), distributed by Abrams Books (USA), Abrams/Chronicle Books (worldwide) and Diffusion Seuil (France). Collaborated with and obtained a number of contributions from leading Middle East experts and authors from USA, Europe and Middle East.

  12. For media and press references see:

  1. BulletUN Operation

  2. __ Humanitarian aid and distribution operations in UN mission in Somalia, Africa.

  3. __ Coordination with US Forces, Somalis and various NGO’s.

  1. BulletOther projects

  2. __ Quantitative and qualitative comparative analysis of economic sector and urban development in Flanders for the regional authorities of Flanders in Belgium.

  3. __ Client and competitor business analysis KLM Cargo in Belgium.

  4. __ Credit analysis for La Lyonnaise de Banque, a regional bank in France.

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